Orion Worldwide Innovations, LLC (“Orion”), is an intellectual property (“IP”) hub that offers a full-service package to protect innovations and accelerate Go-To-Market for startups and entrepreneurs, while streamlining all laborious IP application preparation and registration processes, analysis for product’s usability and marketability. Orion is a U.S.-based company formed in 2017, with offices in New York City, U.S., and locations of partnering organizations in Berlin, Germany; Yerevan, Armenia; and Moscow, Russia.

Orion’s business objectives encompass supporting innovations growth in Eastern Europe, Asia and Americas regions by establishing and/or expanding IP management. We simplify the complexity and complications of IP protection and acquisition processes for both inventors and investors.

Orion’s business activities include assistance in obtaining IP protection and acquiring various types of intellectual assets to extract commercial value; treasury services, refer startups and inventors to investors, VCs and Fortune 500 companies’ innovations programs, and enter into licensing, royalty, affiliation or collaboration agreements.

Orion teams up with foreign and domestic investors, venture capitals (“VCs”), startups, individual inventors, Fortune 500 companies and specialized institutions.


Our internationally diverse team, advisors and specialists are well-equipped with first-hand knowledge of various cultures, languages, traditions, and geographies, which allow us to better identify and analyze the demand for innovations in a particular market.

Our belief that IP is key for companies’ growth

In ORION we believe that IP should not only be protected and managed, but should also play a key role in any company’s growth strategy. Only by securely protecting and fully exploiting the potential of your IP assets you will secure a unique and lasting position in the market.

Our mission to Protect IP, Go-To-Market and extract commercial value

Since the strategic and financial value of Intellectual Property is becoming ever greater our mission is to foster effective innovation and economic growth in Armenia and internationally by providing IP Protection, accelerating Go-To-Market, and extracting commercial value from various type of intellectual assets.

Our large network and expertise

We have a large network of innovative, technical, and legal expertise, both nationally and internationally. We closely work with you to create an environment in which the value of your Intellectual Property can produce optimal returns and growth; prepare and execute the your product, innovation and/or services commercialization plan.

Our Team

Emma Arakelyan

CEO & Co-Founder

Specialized in technology, economics, Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestiture, emerging technologies. Former EY Partner/Principal and Accenture Managing Director in technology advisory with financial services. Presently also Open Mind Productions Managing Director, NYU Adjunct Professor,  Featured Speaker at Columbia Business School, Author, speaker and leadership coach.


Anna Bennett


Specialized in technology, finance, and change management. Former Panasonic and IBM change management Consultant, New York Life Insurance financial planning services professional, presently Account Manager at EY.

Tax and Legal Advisor

Specialized in the U.S. and international tax services. U.S. attorney admitted to practice in States of New York and New Jersey.

Hakob Hakobyan


Specialized in technology startups acceleration, financial and technology processes design and implementation. Former HSBC Corporate Banking professional, YCT Investments Institution Financial Analyst (China). Presently Institute of Innovative Technologies Co-Founder, Upstart.am Co-Founder.

Brian Barnier

   Strategic Advisor

At ValueBridge Advisors Brian is specialized in strategy, product management and business-IT management. He led teams to nine patents while at Lucent and Ameritech.  Brian analyzes economics of exponential technology and mentors at Singularity University. He is founding editor of Feddashboard.com. He is the author of The Operational Risk Handbook (Harriman House, Great Britain) and over 100 articles. He has been interviewed and writes for NYSE, NASDAQ MarketSite, The Street, WSJ and FT publications, CNBC, Bloomberg Brief and more.

Samvel A. Mkhitaryan

                                                              Science, Innovation & Business Consultant

Samvel is the Chief Engineer & Head of Department of Commercialization of Scientific & Production Innovations at Scientific Institute of Applied Problems of Physics at the NAS of Armenia. Samvel has 30+ years of intensive experience & proven record as CEO, Strategic Adviser, member of multiple scientific & technical councils, Chief Engineer, Research Director, innovator, designer, ACOP, DCOP, Project Manager & trainer/lecturer. He successfully operated locally & internationally at EuroAsian & American in various leading R&D, production, consulting, educational & capacity building organizations, governmental institutions, NGOs & programs in R&D, engineering, scientific devices, financial markets, Investments, Innovations, MSME, professional development.