IP Protection

We obtain and register a patent, trademark, or a copyright, by conducting the proceedings IP protection, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, is crucial and must be considered for most start-ups. Obtaining IP protection minimizes competition and defends against infringement claims.

Since its beginning, the U.S. has maintained the world’s strongest protection for IP rights, which stands unrivaled as the most inventive and powerful.

US Patent laws allow any inventor, regardless of his or her citizenship, to apply for a patent on the same basis as a U.S. citizen. There are, however, a number of particular points of special interest to applicants located in foreign countries. The preparation of a patent application and conducting the process in the US to obtain the patent is an undertaking that requires knowledge of patent law.

IP Acquisition

We acquire various types of IP via purchasing intellectual assets, investing in, and / or partnering with VCs, start-ups, or individual inventors.

Our services are performed by specialists in industries such as technology, art, biochemistry, medicine, and manufacturing. We collaborate with highly qualified firms in legal, financial, marketing, and technical areas in IP promotion and acquisition services.

Financing & Accelerating Go-To-Market


We work with entrepreneurs and investors who are supportive of progressive ideas, passionate about innovations in various industries, and ready to make a long-term commitment on their investments.

We offer interest-based loans to VCs, start-ups, and individual inventors to support IP pipeline, idea, and innovations.


Our consulting services cover the full spectrum of Treasury functions including cash management (cash concentration and disbursement) financial market risk management (currency, commodity interest rate) and bank & investor relations.


Our IP Protection and Monetization Program (IPPMP) is a full life cycle four-step process to accelerate go-to-market for startups and entrepreneurs. The program promotes innovation for all industries and is offered to startups (for profit and not for profit), institutions and organizations, as well as to innovators and scientists.  The target market for IPPMP services are foreign and domestic (US) startups, investors, venture capitals (“VCs”), and individual inventors.

Four-Step IPPMP Process to Accelerate Go-To-Market for Startups and Entrepreneurs

The four-step process of IPPMP is offered to our clients from any country and from any industry, and it includes the following:

  1. Identify: After obtaining necessary onboarding documents (NDA and appropriate agreements), work with clients (startup, inventor, author, right holder) to collect initial information about their product, innovation, and/or services.
  2. Negotiate: Negotiate with clients and sign necessary agreements with terms and conditions of monetization.
  3. Review: Perform preliminary due diligence assessment of clients’ product, innovation, and/or services to determine limitations for licensing or assignment, if any, and patentability in target markets; analysis for product, innovation, and/or services’ usability and market demand.
  4. Execute: Register or patent IP, refer to investors, VCs and Fortune 500 companies’ innovations programs, and enter into licensing, royalty, affiliation or collaboration agreements. Prepare and execute the proposed product, innovation and/or services commercialization plan.