Answering  the most common questions we hear from our clients.

Who are our partners?

We collaborate with:

  • Investors: foreign and domestic;
  • Financial Institutions: specialized in wealth management;
  • Reputable leading legal advisers: specialized in IP Protection and licensing;
  • Research & Development organizations: specialized in industry trends and market research;
  • Venture Capitals (VCs): working in various industries;
  • Inventors and  startups: developing their ideas and products in various industries;
  • Other consultants: industry specialists, academics and government.

What are our focus countries?

We target IP management in the following markets: U.S., Armenia, France, Germany, Russia, Israel, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, India, or other countries.

Do we provide training in IP Protection?

Yes, we offer preliminary and foundation training sessions for our investors, inventors and startups. For more sophisticated and complex IP Protection topics we engage our partners in legal firms and industry specialists.


What startups may do about the undisclosed information?

Sometimes patenting is not the case. For instance, ideas are not patentable subject matter but they still have commercial value. Moreover, undisclosed information can be licensed. Therefore, undisclosed information can be marketed. Another example is pharma industry. In order to produce generics (drugs whose patents expired) pharma companies need to have the dossier which includes highly valuable publicly non-available data (pre-clinical, clinical trials etc.)  Answered by: Vahe Movsisyan, Pro-IP Founder, Commercial lawyer, specialized in IP, IT, and Competition Law